The aim of our research is to understand and quantify the developmental effects of special economic zones (SEZs) and similar policies pursued by developing countries, with a focus on both economic efficiency and inequality.

Latest Publications

Journal publications

Hornok, Cecília, Dewa Gede Sidan Raeskyesa
Economic Zones and Local Income Inequality: Evidence from Indonesia, The Journal of Economic Inequality, forthcoming.

Aggarwal, Aradhna
How Special are Special Economic Zones: Evidence from South Asia, The World Economy, forthcoming (DOI:

Guopei Fang, Holger Görg, Aoife Hanley and Haiou Mao
Foreign Divestment – Crisis or Chance for China’s Innovation Edge?, China & World Economy, (2022) 30 (6):1–33 (DOI:

Girma, Sourafel and Holger Görg.
Productivity effects of processing and ordinary export market entry: A time-varying treatments approach, Review of International Economics, (2022) 30(3): 836–853 (DOI: .

Aggarwal, Aradhna and Ari Kokko.
SEZs and Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Andhra Pradesh, India, International Journal of Emerging Markets, (2022) 17(8): 1793–1814 (DOI:



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